12219 Dix Toledo Road Southgate Mi
A place of non-Judgement and Relaxation
Third Eye Magic
Penelope's Venue

The best way to protect yourself from Negativity. By appointment $5.00 per class

class every Wednesday 7:00 pm Class Instructor
Casper McKinney $5 per class

From us to you our on going events serives and projects are listed as they evolve
We support local talent!
Come on by and let's talk
about your ideas. Tues- Fri 1-5pm.
We provide free hall rentals for people in need funerals, and family fundraisers.
Community Blessing Box Providing non-perishable items for people in need. Take what you need leave what you can. we are still proving food for the homless but we are provding Covid19 supplys, Face Masks and Hand Sanitizer check our FaceBook page for details.
No Artist Left Behind
Penelope's Gallery
is a place for local artists
to show their work.
Free Hall Rentals for people in need
Blessing Box
No Artist Left Behind was created to support the local artists in the Detroit downriver community by reaching out to them and fostering their ability in all forms of artistic endeavors
Rune Study
Grounding and Shielding
Supporting Your Dream
Lets Talk About Magic Class
Conversation about all thing magical.
Thursday at 7:00 pm
all events have been postponed till after the covid-19 situation is over.
Third Eye Magic Penelope's Venue
Come join the fun
The Urban Phenonmenon Sister
A support group for the strong woman we are looking to helping women that are making their mark on the world.
Open Mic Night
Tuesday 7-10 it's free to attend
All Food and refreshments are a $1.00 proceeds go to NALB
Community Projects
Our New Youtube channel
Things that go on both at the vene and in the store.Subscribe now.
Peranormal Investagations
Now available we have a experience team of investigations. Contact us for a free consoletatio.
Cleansing Station: if you need items to be cleans of bad vibes or energy we have the place you to do so with everything you need. $10.00 per item
Custom 3D printing and Laser Cutting
We not only make our own products we provide our services for one off ideas and for small production runs
Psychic Readings
Tarot Reune and Medium $20.00 per session
Reiki Healing
45 minutes • $35.00
Feel the healing energy of our Reiki Master call us for more information

Ghost Bike Awerness
Third Eye Magic and Penelope's Venue support awarness of people on bikes put your phone down keep you eye out for poeple on Biles and lets keep evenyone safe. contact us if you want to Join us in this fight to save lives.
'We Are Plarners'
Third Eye Magic and Penelope's Venue is working with Plarners and a drop off pick up and a place to make them to help the homless and the invierment.
Bat Shit Cazy in Poduction
AutreAuteur Productions
The New Mecca for Modern Auteurs
and Independent Artists that are working with us
at Penelopes Venue.

our own comedy created and performed by our own stage manager Casper Mckinney.
VlogCamp with Kirk Noland
Wednesday 5-7 pm come check it out. event April 19th 2020
Elizabeth Rose - Playwright
Her First play Go Love Yourself was a complete success. Liz is in the middle of another production that is due to be performed at Penelope's Venue later on this year, 2020.
Penelope's Venue and Thrid eye Magic response to the CoVid -19 crisis
A grate place to relax
Our driving force has passed away unexpectedly. We are currently in a phase of transition and business operations are suspended until further notice.